Register club and team

Only team administrator or manager will need to follow this process to setup a new team. Other users should join an existing team by asking their administrator/manager for the Invite Token.
  1. Open a browser, and go to Preferred browsers are: latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox.
  2. On the "Login" page, clicks the "Join Team" link.
  3. On the "Join Team" page, clicks the "Register A New Team!" link on the bottom of the page.
  4. On the "Register - Country and Province" page, choose the country and province your club locates, click "Next" button

    At this moment, only provinces of Canada or the states of US. can be selected from the dropdown list. You need to type the Province name for other countries. The name of Province you typed here will be used to search the club later.

  5. On the "Register - City" page, type the name of city your club locates. Please note that after the team is registered, all other team users you created have to use the exactly same Country, Province, and City to find this team so that they can login.
    If you are trying to register a city which any other users of this application have registered, for example "Mississauga", after you type the first three characters "Mis", all the cities whose name contains "mis" will be popped up so that you can select from the list.
  6. On the "Register - Club List" page, all clubs have been registered in the same city will be listed. If you can find the club in this list, that means other teams in your club have been registered in this application. Please click the radio button in front of the club name to select the club, and click the "Next" button.
    If you cannot find the club in this list, click the "Register A New Club" link to register your own club.
  7. On the "Register - Club" page, type club name, address, and contact information, click "Next" button. A new club will be created in the application.
  8. On the "Register - Team List" page, all the teams registered under this club are displayed.

    If you have found your team here, please contact the Administrator of this team (probably the Team Manager or Coach) who has registered this team and ask him/her to create a user Id for you.

    Try not create duplicate team because it does take a little extra effort to get your team fully function in this system. After a new team is registered, you need:

    • Set up team full roster
    • Format
    • Start 11
    • Users of this team

    If you cannot find the team in this list, click the "Register Team" button to register your own team.
  9. On the "Register - Team" page, type team name and your user name and password.

    You will be the Administrator of this team. Please specify your user name and password. User name is only required to be unique within your team. You do not have to think hard for your user name. If you want, you can use your first name here because you are the first user of this team.

    By the way, when you create users of this team, most likely you can use their first name too. But if you have duplicate names let's say two Michaels, you need to use different user name to differentiate them.

    After you input required information, click "Register" button to register your team!
  10. Congratulations! You should have registered your own team in the application successfully! Now you can login to finish remaining setup of the team:
    • Set up team full roster
    • Format
    • Start Roster
    • Users of this team