Record A Match

  1. Since all the statistics you collected are stored on Amazon Cloud service, the device(s) used to collect data must have Internet connection. It could be either wireless WIFI or your phone data plan if you are recording the match in real time on the field.
  2. It is recommended to record a match with a group of people if you want to capture as many actions as possible on the field. This app supports up to 3 people record at same time while each people is tasked to record certain type of actions.
  3. If a match is video taped, you could enjoy the game and record the match on a PC/Tablet later by sitting comfortably on the couch and watch the replay on TV or computer.
  4. Please login with the user Id belongs to this team.
  5. On the home page, clicks the "Record A Match" button. A list of matches of past 7 days and next 7 days will show. Although all other older matches or future matches are not shown here, they still exist in the app.
    Select the game you want to record, click the "Record" button
  6. Select your recording group

    Each one of the people in the group must select at least one group or multiple groups of activities to record. If you are the only person to record the game, please make sure at least select Group 1, and Group 2 or Group 3 depends on your need.
    • Group 1 - Group 1 is also called Master Control Group. This person/phone controls:
      • Match Time: When it starts, when the first half finishes, when the second half starts, and when the whole game finishes etc.
      • Sub Players: He/she subs players on/off the field
      • All other shoot and goal related activities: Activities like cross, corner, free kick, penalty etc could result in shooting and goal if this player is lucky. To avoid double booking of the shooting and goal, all these activities have to be recorded by one person.
    • Group 2 - Group 2 activities are important parts of soccer game. Mid-fielders, defenders, and Goalie have to do their part of job in order to keep the balance of the team although they will not shoot or score quite a lot of time. These statistics are useful to track their performance. Also it will help coaches to understand what happened on the field and make adjustment or design training sessions to improve the team performance.
      • Good Pass: What is a Good Pass often cause hot discussions. It is quite subject to the person who records the game. However the general rule of a Good Pass is a pass that will wow you. For example, player pass the ball to a wide open space that utilize the space of the field, or he/she made a pass through so that forward could easily face the goalie and shoot etc.
      • Bad Pass: What is a Bad Pass is also often debatable. The general rule of a Bad Pass is that this pass will either put the team into dangerous situation immediately, or cause the team lost the good attack opportunity.
      • Tackle & Win: Defender tackle the ball and win it over.
      • Interception: In defense, when opponent player is trying to pass the ball to another player, defender is smart enough to cut into the pass lane and intercept the ball before the other opponent player gets it.
      • Clear: Defender clears the ball out of the defense zone and ruin an attack attempt.
      • Block: Defender blocks the ball when opponent team tried to shoot.
    • Group 3 - Pass. Pass is just purely a counter to record how many passes your team and your opponent team have. Normally you tap the pass of your team when one player made a pass, or vice versa tap the pass of opponent team when they made a pass. By counting the passes, you know how well your team move the ball around, and you can also calculate how much percent of time your team control the ball roughly.
  7. If you select the "Group 1 (Master Control Group)"
    • App will load the default Format and Start Roster you defined in "Manage Team" screen. However coaches might make last minutes adjustment to put one or a few different players as start players. Or coaches might even want to play different format against this opponent. So it is important to click "Start Roster" button to put right person on the field before the game starts.
    • Click "Start A Match" button to start the game.

  8. Please make sure you place your team at the correct side of the field. When you face the field, if your team is starting at the right side of the field, you do not need to do anything. If your team is starting at the left side of the field, please "drag and drop" your team to the left side.

    It is extremely important to place your team at the correct side of the field, otherwise the statistics on the field area will be wrong.

  9. Recording page of Group 1 (Master Control Group)
      Group 1 person/phone controls two most important activities in the match. Group 2 and Group 3 phones do not have these 2 buttons.
    • Match Time: Here you see the button changes to "Finish the First Half" after you started the match. It will change to other status like "Start the Second Half", or "Finish Match" etc depends on the current status of the match.
    • Substitutions: Here you need to click "Sub Players" whenever coaches sub players on/off the field.
  10. Waiting page of Group 2 and Group 3 phones
    Before Group 1 (Master Control) phone can starts a game, or it finishes the first half when the teams goes to half time break, both Group 2 and Group 3 phones will see this screen until the Group 1 (Master Control) phone starts the game again.
  11. Recording page of Group 2
  12. Recording page of Group 3
  13. Questionnaire style of recording

    JB ESolutions Soccer Statistics App takes questionnaire style to record a game. It will ask one or multiple questions to finish recording a series of events. For example, when your team scored a goal, it is nature to record who scored the goal at which area of the field. However before the goal, we'd like to know whether it is an one on one, somebody else cross the ball in, or somebody assisted the goal?

    Let's take a look how a goal event will be recorded:

    • When your team scored, click the "Goal" button
    • Select the player who scored
    • Select the area this player made the shot
    • Shot type. Is it a header, left foot shot, or right foot shot?
    • Is it one on one?
    • Is it a cross in? Let's assume somebody made the cross, and you click the "Yes" button
    • Now please select which player made the cross?
    • Select the area this player made the cross
    • You need to confirm it is really a Goal! Once you confirmed it is a goal, there is no other way to remove it in this App unless you contact JB ESolutions to do it for you manually.
    • Now, you can see following actions are recorded:
      • 1 Goal
      • 1 Shot
      • 1 Cross
    • Click "Go Back" button if you made a mistake or not sure what you did in previous step.
    • Click "Stop this event" button to totally discard this event.
    • Repeat the same process again and again during the match, you will have a fantastic statistics when the match is finished!