Manage Team Users

  1. Open a browser, and go to Preferred browsers are: latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox.
  2. Please login as the user who registered this team or another user with Administrator privilege.
  3. On the home page, clicks the "Manage Team Users" button.
    • On the User List page, you can
    • Add new user
    • Update user information
    • Reset user password in case user forgets his/her password. User will be asked to change this temporary password once he/she login to the App again.
    • Generate Invite Token. Invite Token is used to invite user to join this team. Each user has its own unique Invite Token. Thus this token can be generated many times in case user lost the access to this team
    • Delete user
  4. Click the "Add User" button to add a new user in the App.
  5. When a new user is created, an Invite Token is created. Please send this Invite Token and temporary password to the user you are inviting to join this team.