Register Club and Team

  1. Open a browser, and go to Preferred browsers are: latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox.
  2. Please login as the user who registered this team or another user with Administrator privilege.
  3. On the home page, clicks the "Manage Team" button.
  4. Now you are on the "Team Info" tab.
    • You can change the team name here. Keep in mind that team name will be shown on all statistics screen, please keep it meaningful but as short as possible.
    • This App supports multiple season of statistics of the whole team and individual players.
    • Before new season starts, click "Create New Season" button to start a new season. In the new season, all the season statistics will be reset to 0, and you are free to add and delete players from team roster. All the matches, players, match statistics, and season statistics of old seasons are saved in the App. You can always go back to view them at any time you want.
    • For U13 boys and girls teams in Ontario OPDL league, please choose "Three Period Match" since you play three 25 minutes periods in each match.
    • For U14 boys and girls teams in Ontario OPDL league, please choose "Four Period Match" since you play four 20 minutes periods in each match.
    • Match time of each half or period will be recorded during the recording of the match. So you do not need to set the time of each period here.
    • Track the Player No. of opponent team during the match adds a lot of extra work, you can turn it off unless you seriously want to come back to analyze players' performance before your team plays with them again
    • Click "Save" button to save the basic information.
  5. Click "Players" tab to add or remove players.
  6. Click "Add Player" link to add a new player
    • Player No: Generally Jersey No is recommended not be used as Player No because player might get new Jersey No each year event he/she stays in the same team. With consistent Player No, we have the opportunity to calculate the statisitics of this player not only through the whole season, but also multiple years in this app. In Ontario, OSA Player No could be a good candidate used as Player No.
    • Status: Only players with "Active" status will show up in the team roster to play in the next match. Please come here to update player status when he/she gets injured, sick, or goes away for vacation. If this player is one of the start 11 players, please go to "Start 11" tab to replace him/her with another player.
  7. Click the "Player No" link to update the satus or other information of a player.
  8. Administrator can upload the photo of all players within the team. Please click the white Jersey picture,
    • Once player photo is uploaded, it will be used throughout the whole app where photo will be displayed for this player
    • To achieve best result, it is recommended to upload a portrait size photo such like a passport one
  9. Once you have added all the players in the team, it is time to manage the team format and start 11 by clicking "Start 11" tab.
    • Your team might play different format against different opponent teams or because of available players. Different players could start in different format. Please define all possible formats you team might play before the match.
    • First row is the Forward Line. Second row is the Middle Field Line. Third Row is the Defense Line. Fouth row is the Goalie. Rest are the subs in the Substitutions area.
    • To place the players to the desired position, click the player first, then click the position you want to place this player at. Please do the same to sub players on or off.
    • Once you have placed 11 players into desired positios, click "Save" button to save this format.