In JB ESolutions Soccer Statistics, users of team are created by team administrator who registered the team in this application. To make things easier, user name is only required to be unique within the team. That means we could have many Michael in this applications as long as they belong to different teams.

So it is important for you to find the right team to login once you received the user name from your team administrator!

  1. On the "Login" page, if team name is "Not Set Yet", clicks the "Join Team" link.
  2. Unless you are the Administrator who created and manage your own team, you will join an team where all the players of team and match schedule etc are set up by your Administrator. You need to get an Invite Token and Password from him/her before you can join this team.

    Invite Token looks like: 56f2d3b22745ab07926529b1/591b0aff33da6faa3bf5b6f8
    Once you paste Invite Token and click the "Set" button, App will redirect you back to "Login" page if this is a valid token.
  3. Now type the temporary password, you should be able to login to your team now! You will be asked change this temporary password when you login first time.

    It is recommended to turn on "Remember User Name & Password" option so that you do not have to type User Name and Password every time you come back to use the App.

  4. If you are the administrator of your own team, you can click the "Find your Team!" link to login to a team you created before on the "Join Team" page.

    On the "Search Team" page,
    • Select the country your club locates
    • Select the province your club locates

    • Input the city your club locates. Once you type the first 3 characters of the city, A list of clubs found in the same country, province, and city will show.
    • Click your club, the list of teams registered under this club will show
    • Click your team, click the "Set" button