Create New Season

  1. Open a browser, and go to Preferred browsers are: latest Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Firefox.
  2. Please login as the user who registered this team or another user with Administrator privilege.
  3. On the home page, clicks the "Manage Team" button.
  4. On the "Team Info" tab. Click "Create New Season" button
  5. Once you switch to the new season,
    • New match will be added to the new season. You cannot switch back to the old season and add or record match there
    • All the season statistics for the new season will start from 0 again
    • However you can always look at the match statistics and season statistics of old season at any time
    Click "Confirm" to continue.
  6. On this screen, type the new season name and click "Create New Season" button.
    You can switch to Players tab to add new players and delete left players from the team roster.