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Soccer (or Football) is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the world's most popular sport. The most exciting moment watching a match is when a player scores a goal into the net or the player dribbles past 5 or 6 defenders. Thus most kids want to play striker or winger when they start in the early age, and quite often parents shouting go go go or shoot on the sideline no matter whether the kid is in good position to shoot or there is another teammate in a better position to finish.

However Soccer is a team sport. There are only 3 forwards (striker and wingers) on the field in most popular 4-3-3 formation played in the world today. There are 8 other players play midfielder, defense, and goalie. Each player on the fields has his or her own critical jobs to do in order to win the match, or not lose it when face a much stronger team let’s say Barcelona or Real Madrid. Actually there are so many super stars like Xavi who is remembered as the master to distribute the ball and control the rhythm of the match, Maldini who is the one of the best left back and central defender for A.C. Milan and Italy national team, and Buffon the best goalkeeper of all time who made so many fantastic saves.

So as a passionate soccer dad or soccer mom, it is important to know which position is the best fit to the talent and personality of your kid, what the criteria are to evaluate the performance of him or her. For example, if your kid plays central defender, the most important contribution to the team probably is how many clears and blocks he/she made in the box. For a holding midfielder, it is important to know how many and the accuracy of the forward, square, and backward passes in order to control the rhythm. It is helpful to see the zones/areas on the field where your kid makes the runs and touches the ball.

My daughter, Nicole Li, is playing defensive middle field position in Burlington Bayhawks OPDL 2003 team in Ontario. As you can see from these videos, she is the match maker (or brain) of the team. She supports and helps the defense line when needed, scores a goal once in a while. But most importantly she helps bring the ball from back to the front of the field, distributes the ball to open spaces or even plays through ball to penetrate the defense lines.

JBESolutions Soccer Player app is designed to rack many different types of actions such as Pass, Dribble, Shot, Goal, Cross, Corner, Tackle, Clear, Block etc on the field. Dashboard displays different categories of information based on the position of the player that gives you the quick overview on the performance.

You can drill down to each type of actions such as Pass or Shot to understand the habit, strength, and weakness of the player. For example, you can see how many short passes, long passes, and directions of the passes for a midfielder, how many headers, right foot shots/goals, left foot shots/goals in which zones for a striker.

Action View can replay the action one by one with detail information like timing and the result of that particular action.

Zone View provides a heat map that displays where your kid likes to run and act on the field.

Soccer is a complicated sports that requires all teammates work hard together in order to win a game. Different position has its own unique challenges that player needs to develop different physical strength and mentality to play well. Most likely you are interested in tracking and analyzing certain types of actions on the field that are most important to the position of your kid. JBESolutions Soccer Player app provides the template with default actions when you registers the player. And you can customize by adding or removing the actions you want to track at any time to meet your needs.

One of the best features of this app is WIFI or data plan is not required when you track the match on the field. You can use tablet with bigger screen instead of the phone to collect data and upload them to cloud server when you have Internet connection. Match analysis can be viewed anywhere and any time on the phone, tablet, and computer with big monitor by clicking here.

Furthermore you can invite your coach or professional scouts to follow your kid's performance. They can easily review the matches you tracked and use all these information to help your kids improve in the training and matches.

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